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Falafel House Santa Cruz
Middle Eastern Cuisine
113 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: (831) 459 9770
Capitola Restaurant

If you have been invited to a formal dinner at a restaurant you would want to set aside any table manners that won't go down well in a social setting. Maintaining etiquette at Capitola restaurants in a formal atmosphere can be a daunting task. However, it doesn't take much effort to do so. Always say please when you ask for something is a must. Make sure to follow up with a thank you to the server or bus boy. Remember, you aren't on vacation and need to finish chewing your food before you speak. If someone is treating you to a meal then look for Capitola restaurants that are not too expensive. It is only polite to do so. Leave the option of choosing an expensive restaurant to the person that invites you.

Speaking of choice, how do you really pick a restaurant? It all depends on what your taste buds ask for. More importantly, your choice of Capitola restaurants will depend on the situation, the type of company you have, and of course, your budget. Whatever your situation, you can count on Capitola restaurants to whet your appetite. One thing you can depend on when you look for a place to eat is your senses. Pay attention to what your eyes tell you. Look for the ambiance, the amount of people during peak hours, and, if there are any people willing to wait outside for a table. This is a hallmark of a good restaurant. Don't ignore your ears either. Is the restaurant noisy, or does it seem to have a calming effect? It is easy to choose depending on whether you want a quick bite or a romantic dinner.