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Falafel House Santa Cruz
Middle Eastern Cuisine
113 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: (831) 459 9770

From art to cuisine and wine and beaches, Downtown Santa Cruz has a charm of its own. The reasons why the charming city attracts visitors and residents alike are endless. A vibrant nightlife, great climate, astounding beaches, fine dining options, fast food galore, and an innovative arts and cultural program are just a few of the reasons to visit Downtown Santa Cruz. That is true, the area has some of the most inspiring works of art on display as well. Many artists loan pieces of their work to the city for a specific period, offering them a wide and appreciative audience. A stroll through the area will give you the opportunity to see eye-catching murals that adorn many buildings. Speaking of appreciation, you need to appreciate the quality of culinary establishments in Downtown Santa Cruz.

Downtown Santa Cruz has always been a vibrant place for both residents and tourists. So if you are ready for a take-away meal or need to take your better half for a romantic dining experience, Downtown Santa Cruz is the place to be. There are many cafes where you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino while you whisper sweet nothings to your loved one. Alternatively, it is a good idea to stroll through Downtown Santa Cruz and sample desserts from a nearby bakery. In an intriguing place like Santa Cruz, the choice is endless. When you have plenty of options make the most of it. Life can't possibly get any better than in Downtown Santa Cruz.