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Gyro, Santa Cruz

For the uninitiated, Gyro, pronounced "yee-ro" is one of the most mouth watering Greek delicacies that have residents of the Bay Area going crazy at meal times. If you are looking to dig into some Gyro santa cruz has plenty of restaurants to choose from. The meat is a combination of lamb, pork, beef, and chicken that is roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Most Gyro santa cruz restaurants serve it with pita bread and a choice of toppings that includes onions, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Then of course, no gyro is complete without tzatziki sauce, which is more or less a salad from cucumbers, onions, and garlic mixed in yogurt. While pork and beef are common, many Gyro santa cruz restaurants offer chicken or lamb served with French fries.

The Greeks have definitely carved a niche for themselves in the culinary world with Gyro sandwiches that continue to mesmerize taste buds the world over. There are many equivalents known as the Kebab in Asia, Doner in Turkey, and taco el pastor in Mexico. The dish was initially introduced in Chicago in the mid-1960s and soon spread to every nook and corner in the US, which is why a Gyro santa cruz outlet isn't hard to find. Many diners, cafes, restaurants, and take-aways offer gyro sandwiches, while new ones keep popping up everywhere. If you haven't had a taste of Greek sandwiches then look out for the delicious chunk of meat spinning on a vertical rotisserie. It is easy to spot them at a Gyro santa cruz outlet.