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Falafel House Santa Cruz
Middle Eastern Cuisine
113 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: (831) 459 9770
Gyro Sandwich

Why are there so many coupon offers for food and drink in Santa Cruz County that offer gyro sandwiches with fries and soda? The answer is simple. People are hooked onto the delicious taste of Gyros santa cruz restaurants offer. You can search for coupons online and get as much as $10 off on your orders. Undoubtedly, Greek food is one of the flavorful Mediterranean cousins that have influenced many cultures. Much of Greek cuisine is drawn from Eastern and Western influences, with the dominating influence of Middle Eastern cuisine which includes pita bread, yogurt, goat cheese, and grape leaves. No Gyros santa cruz restaurant will be without its stock of oregano, garlic, and Olive oil.

What adds intrigue to Greek preparations is the combination of flavors. Tomato and cinnamon are combined in both meat and vegetable dishes that sets Greek cuisine apart from the rest. No Greek salad offered at Gyros santa cruz outlets will be without the favorite dressing of olive oil, lemon, and oregano. The Greeks are known for their interesting sauces that provide the ultimate flavor to entrees, side dishes, and salads. Apart from tzatziki sauce, order for some avgolemono sauce at a Gyros santa cruz restaurant for a tangy flavor to your meat or vegetables. The sauce is made from chicken stock, eggs, lemon, and fresh dill. The choice is endless when it comes to Greek delicacies. If you haven't embarked on a culinary journey as yet, then the best place is to start is at a Gyros santa cruz deli.