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Falafel House Santa Cruz
Middle Eastern Cuisine
113 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: (831) 459 9770
Shish Kabab

Thanks to the Persians, we have a wide variety of meat dishes including Kababs, which is now a delicacy around the world. A visit to Kabab house santa cruz will give you an opportunity to taste different types of this delicacy, specially baked on a slow coal fire. These kababs are sometimes wrapped in bread and served along with a salad. While the famous shish kababs are made from minced meat there is also a variety of dishes at Kabab house santa cruz which includes kababs that are either grilled, roasted, and even stewed. Traditionally, kababs are made from the meat of lamd although nothing stops you from being creative and using beef, chicken, and fish, which are also available at Kabab house santa cruz. Kababs are now a global delicacy, enjoyed as an everyday cuisine by many countries.

While you can taste some of the most delicious portions of meat at Kabab house santa cruz, it is good to learn a bit about the origin of the kabab. The dish was invented by Turkic soldiers who used their swords as a skewer to cook meat over an open fire. In countries like India, the kabab was a delicacy at royal households during the Sultanate period, although even commoners learned to serve up some of the most delicious kababs. The Ancient Greeks also used to barbecue as early as the 17th century BC. Among the popular types at Kabab house santa cruz are shish, doner, kati, kakori, and chapli kababs.