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Falafel House Santa Cruz
Middle Eastern Cuisine
113 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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Donar Kebab

Today, it isn't difficult to find kebabs anywhere around the globe. The Arabs, Kurds, Cypriots, Indians, Iranians, Central Asian, and South Asians, all have their styles of making this delicacy. If you are looking for Kebab santa cruz is also a great place with a variety of kebab outlets. One of the poplar types of Kebab santa cruz is the Shish kebab. Small chunks of meat are threaded on a skewer, traditionally six pieces, with cubes of vegetables like bell pepper, onions, eggplant, or mushrooms or a fruit like pineapple between each cube of meat, and then grilled. The Döner Kebab santa cruz is another popular dish. It is usually sliced lamb, beef, or chicken roasted on a vertical rotating pit. The type of kebab was originally cooked by the Turkish. However, the same style has been used in the Middle East, where it is known as shawarma, and Tacos al pastor by the Mexicans.

The Döner Kebab santa cruz is usually served with pita bread, salad, and French fries. There are many take-out restaurants offering this type of kebab throughout the world. Often, the bread is toasted before serving. Döner Kebab santa cruz outlets usually serve customers right into the wee hours of the morning. It is not uncommon to find vans making their rounds at various hotspots around the city. If your taste buds have been denied a slice of Kebab santa cruz then you have certainly been missing out on something. Considering its popularity, it isn't hard to find an outlet in your area.